7/7 and 9/11  ::

Poverty and global Warming
High affluence and intolerance
In equity and unsustainably
In equal access to resource

Lack of psychic of share and care
And understanding of cosmic laws
And its application
Erupt reptile mind
With violence, crimes & terrorism
Dissolving millions of life
Calls to counter 9/11 has not succeeded fully
Which recurred 7/7 again with invisible enemies
How many ages will be spent in the cosmic time ?
In killing each other and disconnecting
Man from man and
Man from nature
How the invisible enemies be visible ?
Cultivating humanity’s intellect and emotion
Be accepted as the top most priority
To generate ideas and technology
With the principles of PEACE TECHNOLOGY
Through “collective minds” of
Humanitarianism and biosphereism
Only then the violence and bloodiest terror of 9/11 and 7/7
Will be wiped out on earth and
Peace will prevail on earth
As the energy of creating
Prosperity for all
Without any discrimination
To establish a peaceful
Human and ecological society