A call to the Mother-to-be of the World  ::

Adam and Eve
 Adam is seed
 Eve is soil
 Seeds put in Eve
 makes Eve pregnant
 The seed and soil
 relationship results
 in creation of a life
 Man and Women relation
 like seed and soil passages
 through different stages
 of childhood, adulthood and old
 Nothing remains static
 science of time is least understood
 And in no time childhood transforms to old age
 Human body craves for satisfaction
 of biological, sexual, and metabolical needs
 Manage the three stages of life
 Especially the adulthood
 Enjoy material objects, sex, places
 And relationship
 In a responsible manner
 to ensure bright future of your progeny
 After all that mother-to- be stage arrives
 to create a new life
 only with the energy of PEACE
 Understand and cultivate your mind
 remembering that an offspring is not
 the product of vulgar sex
 Neither it is product of disco or dating
 Quality of offspring is determined by
 internal impulses of mother's body
 and family, community and society impulses
 to mould his/her life-body-mind relationship
 here the peace energy modulates
 More the peace- consciousness energy
 the child in the mother's womb vibrates
 with peace energy
 resulting in creation of a peaceful
 human being without any violence mind
 oh mothers -to- be of the world
 learn the techniques of infusing peace
 energy to your child in the womb
 to create a peaceful offspring
 who will enrich your life with real
 joy and making you proud
 who will spread the fragrance of peace
 throughout the world
 to make our planet earth "Green and Peace"-A place to live in peace and prosperity
 Will you not do it?
 Do it to spend a meaningful life