Award & Collaboration  :: 

The founder of the site Prof. Das has been awarded with “PeaceClinic Peace Prize Award 2005” by a peace organization located at Oceanside, California, USA for his contribution to world peace and for the innovative book of “Peace Technology”  authored by him  and published by Authorhouse, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. The Peace Technology Centre is working in collaboration with the USA based organization towards   developing   inner,    domestic, community, environment and global peace. Prof. Das  has  been appointed as India Director, PeaceClinic, USA  and is also one of the Executive Directors of the said organization in USA.

Chloe Joquel, the founder of PeaceClinic and the co-founder of this site is working in the field of peace for last many years and contributed immensely to usher a culture of peace era for the humanity. She has inspired us to march ahead in the path of peace cutting across the thorns of violence and collaborated for the development of this site.