Education Defining Peace ::

The first smile of newly born baby is peace
Mother’s love for the baby is peace
Parenting the baby is peace
Become a part of growing process of the baby is peace
Peace is opposite of violence
Peace is Truth, Order and Harmony
Peace is love, affection and empathy
Equity, sustainability and eco-friendly
Peace is a source of energy
Creating spriton and then
Proton, neutron and electron
Peace creates life
Consciousness is a product of peace and
That of the universe and the life
Peace is infinite and time and spaceless
But creates temporal objects
Peace is a bridge between ‘science and sprituality"
Peace provides life-support systems
Creating resources and ecological equilibrium
Peace creates prosperity
With adoption of appropriate technology
Peace is divine and material
Peace stimulates wisdom
And peaceful behavior
To develop ecology and human systems
Sustaining universal laws
OH humans accept and develop
The definition of peace for
Creating one world-one peaceful global human family
Without violence, wars and terrorism