Development Peace::

“Sustainable development through peace and sustainable peace through development” is the basic objective of Development Peace, which is based on both science of “Matter” and Science of “Spirituality”. The progress through this model needs to be measured in a different way for a society/country. Presently the unit of measurement is GNP and GDP which is purely based on science of matter emphasizing more and more materialistic culture and is dominated by violence/conflicts and accordingly human minds are tuned. It is this, which is responsible for more and more violence in the society including crimes, wars and terrorism etc.

          Therefore there is a need to change the unit of measurement of progress of humanity. Instead of GNP and GDP, Peace technology advocates to adopt the units as GPP and GHP which are Gross Peace Product and Gross Happiness Product. Both the units of measurements can be worked out from  the  "matter",  which  are  security,(personal, food, shelter, livelihood and other socio-economic and environmental sectors etc.) comfort with a sense of enough ness and Happiness and from the  "spirituality"  which  are  Truth, Order and Harmony. The Development Peace is to be designed to incorporate above six determinants of peace for any kind of human activity expressed through development by application of IQ, EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). The new units of measurement of progress suggested are the only answers worldwide to change over from the present “Development Violence of utilitarian culture” to “Development Peace of conscious, creative and sustainability”.  

A model “Development Peace” project has been initiated in India in the district of Keonjhar of Orissa state . The Development Peace Model is placed below.


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