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 Peace is multi disciplinary science and can be understood and cultivated by connecting it to cosmology. The idea of PT is evolved by the founder of the site after long years of hands-on experience with indigenous knowledge (normally discarded as superstitions and myths) responsible for creation of the universe, the mother earth,humans and other life forms. He found “peace” is at the center of all creations and it is the only most powerful creative energy. This energy is also sustaining the universe on a continuous basis and also in day to day basis. The activity of humans in the mother earth cannot be sustained without the energy of peace. With the collapse of this peace energy, the Universe and its creation will be reverted back to “Nothingness” through a Big Bang of violence bringing an end to the universe as well as the human civilization.

Thus the invention of PT at this juncture of human civilization is a bright ray of hope for restoring the power of creative energy of peace- the supreme creator; from a horizon of dark cloud of violence. The basis of the evolution of the idea is conceived from universal spirit which is the only creative peace consciousness energy creating universal soul (space for spirit). This spirit has created the universe and both matter and spirituality in the earth for use by the humans for their growth. The universal spirit ignites the soul (individualized spirit) creating a spark, which is transmitted to matter to make living things in different forms of life including human life Networking of the soul with the Neural plate of the brain constructs various parts/organs of a living entity to form a complete life. Thus the spirit is the source of all creativity.

Thus our life in the mother earth owes its existence to the peace consciousness energy which is the universal spirit. The humanity is gradually drifting away from this truth of their origin and engrossed more and more with the glitters of matter for which not only there is stratification of one global human family but there is increasing violence level in various forms which have dehumanized the present society disconnecting from the supreme creative energy of peace consciousness. The idea of PT is evolved with this indigenous truth, re-establishing the connectivity with the supreme creative energy of universal spirit for redirecting human thoughts and actions towards development from matter with intimate linkage with spirituality to ensure sustainability.