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Looking at the present status of the world, it is seen that more and more creative destructions are taking place by perceiving peace in an subjective and disorderly manner. This has resulted in polluted thought process initiating from human mind resulting in more and more violence in all levels. All our actions have violent-oriented,

slow poisoning our lives from the mother' womb to grave. It is high time to develop deeper insight to understand significance of pace in human life and civilization. The measure of development should change. The present concept of GDP and
GNP should be changed. These concepts may be utilized as means to arrive at ultimate measure of development which is "GROSS PEACE PRODUCT(GPP)" AND "GROSS HAPPINESS PRODUCT(GHP)". I do not think think it is an utopian idea. If all of us combined together we can infuse this GPP AND GHP at all countries, international governments and organizations. Let us change our mind-set to produce nectar from development instead of poison/violence. Let us act as a catalyst to churn human mind in this changed direction. If we can do it, the meaning of peace will be purposeful.
2)How to analyze FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES to understand Peace scientifically and spiritually?
Scientifically atom is the fundamental particle of matter, which with only we are concerned today. SPIRITON is the fundamental particle of energy-from the highest form of universal energy from which various kinds of energy emerge like electromagnetic, gravitational, biogeochemical etc. "PEACE CONSCIOUSNESS" is the nucleus of spriton, like proton and neutron being the nucleus of atom and DNA, the nucleus of life. The universe with the interactive forces of atom and spriton is created with PEACE CONSCIOUSNESS as the prime mover and also produced all the planets in the universe out of which our MOTHER EARTH is one of them. This implies that Peace is our ROOT from which we are on a continuous basis disconnecting ourselves. That is why the resultant of all our activities is VIOLENCE of Poverty, Crimes, wars and terrorism. Therefore Peace should be conceived as The most powerful source of energy which must be utilised by humans in carrying out their day to day development activities in all sectors. THIS IMPLIES THAT PEACE MUST BE ADOPTED AS A POWERFUL INPUT IN ALL SECTORS OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES to make the universe, Mother Earth and Human Life sustainable and peaceful. Thus convergence of science, spirituality, systems, sustainability and concept of one human family is essential today to switch over from culture of Violence to culture of sustainable peace and development.

Peace is defined as supreme universal creative energy which interacts with "NOTHINGNESS" creating pools of energy, matter and life. Peace is eternal. Human intervention and sometime Natural (consequence of human actions) make Peace fragile.

For restoring the eternity of Peace, We have to create one world-one human global family without discrimination to any. This will promote "SUSTAINABLE PEACE THROUGH DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PEACE". For this we need alternative appropriate TECHNOLOGY.
The most appropriate alternative technology is PEACE TECHNOLOGY which advocates convergence of SECURITY, COMFORT WITH A SENSE OF ENOUGH NESS & HAPPINESS WITH TRUTH, ORDER & HARMONY within the the framework of biospherism and humanitarianism, to be evolved with "Collective Minds". This means that both matter and spirit are to be explored in an integrated manner to create products to meet the needs of both present and future generations.