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The founder of Peace Technology is Professor Fani Bhusan Das from Orissa, India living in the city of Bhubaneswar. Through out his life he was in search of peace and conducted many experiments in his career as a technocrat and bureaucrat. He searched “Mother Nature” for peace which is continuously being violently attacked globally by human activity. He has variety of encounters   both   violent   and peaceful,   with   the  creatures  and  other  products   of  Ecology. Eventually he researched out a formula after learning the laws and

 behaviours of both ecology and various kinds of life forms including humans. Besides science of “matter”, he innovated science of “spirituality” and through admixture of both,  Peace Technology is invented applying his IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient ) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient ). Because of his hands-on experience on peace, he has been appointed on voluntary basis as the India Director, Peace Clinic, Oceanside, California, USA and actively participating in different peace activities under taken by Peace Clinic throughout the world. Human Peace is directly related to environmental peace. If the environmental hazards like Earthquake ,Global warming ,Climate change and Tsumani etc are not controlled and eliminated ; Human peace will always be eluding the mankind. The Founder of the site is on a continuous research for both environmental and Human peace ina Scientific and spiritual manner so that the future of Human civilitization is safe and secure. This concept is a new change for the world which much be accepted by the people so that they can live at Peace.
Co-Founder ::

Chloe Joquel Freeland, the founder of Peace Clinic Institute, USA is totally dedicated to the cause of peace at inner, domestic and global level. She has organized many peace workshops and fighting actively against any kind of violence occurring in USA and other parts of the world. She has supported  whole heartedly  the  founder  of this site  to  take up research  and  transforming  the outputs of the research program into reality at the grassroots level. She has also promoted the book of Peace Technology, authored by the founder of the site and published in USA.