Fundamental Particles of Peace/Sprituality ::

Like the matter with “atom” as fundamental particle, there exists fundamental particle of peace. The nucleus of an atom consists of protons and neutrons around which electrons move. This atom of matter produces various kinds and shapes of materialistic goods for “creative construction” and “creative destruction”. The variety and quantity of later is increasing day by day pushing the humanity towards extinction from the biosphere. Something is missing in our ideas and action for which there is uncertainty about our future.

The missing link is “Science of Spirituality”, where peace dominates in every form of activities. The fundamental particle of peace is “Spiriton”, the nucleus of which consists of “peace consciousness energy particles” around which hought” and “emotion” particles of universal to individual human mind revolve. Similarly the fundamental particle of life is “cell” having DNA (gene) as nucleus around which functional particles revolve. Thus the fundamental particle of peace “Spiriton” is the missing link which will network atom and cell for beginning of a movement Spiriton-Atom-Cell for peace. Without this movement the humanity will always be adopting the path of violence for self combustion. Therefore there is now urgent need to understand “Spiriton” and to initiate a new movement of holistic package of “Spiriton-Atom-Cell” for peace with the only tool of newly invented “Peace Technology”.