Managing the Site::

The site is dedicated to world citizens now about 6.5 billion population ; to deliberate on

their life support system and ultimate and most precious need “The Peace”. They will work out innovative techniques to curb violence through peaceful means and create a world forum  to erase  the word “Violence”from the human minds. It is proposed to form a Global Executive Committee for managing

the site. The world citizens who believe and have strong conviction that “without peace, the saga of humanity will collapse"  are welcomed to recommend the names of eminent peace personalities living in different countries to be the member of the Global Executive Committee on a consensus basis. Nine Executive Directors will be nominated, besides the founder of the site and  Chloe Joquel, Founder of the PeaceClinic, Oceanside, California, USA. and Cofounder of this site. The tenure of the committee and other details will be worked out separetly.