Objective - With A Difference ::::

The innovative website is created with a difference to network all the peace organizations with various kinds of peace problems. The world is ONE- The humanity is ONE- The peace is ONE- which call for the peace organizations to fight unitedly to kill the monster of violence at all levels for ushering an era of sustainable peace. Holistic networking of the peace organizations of the world is the basic objective  of this website. The ambitious objective is to  bring  all the peace organizations world and come up with new ideas in a consultative manner and work out new solutions and pass it on to the concerned peace organizations to supplement their ideas and strengthen their activity so that the objectives are achieved in quickest possible time.

 Thus the www.worldpeacetech.com has come up  with this “different and  holistic approach to peace” for emergence of  " unity in diversity " of peace organizations of  the world with mutual support for each other accompanying by rational thought process and action. It is a challenge for all peace practitioner and peace organizations of the world to network their sites with this unique site so that “violence will be a dream” and “Peace will be a reality”: Let all of us join hands and strengthen this holistic website with our collective minds to wipe out violence for prevalence of sustainable global peace at all level.