Without fear, desperation and terrorism
And with love , affection, compassion, and equilibrium
To live with security, comfort and happiness

And with truth, order and harmony

But development goals adopted in last two millenniums

Have failed creating more and more pessimisms
 Raising serious apprehension
 For survival of humans
 In the planet earth and cosmic world
 Instead of creative construction
 Creative destruction has increased manifold
 In the last two millenniums
 Because of in equilibrium relationship between
 “spiriton and atom”
 “non-matter and matter”
 and gradually loss of reins
 by the mind (The driver)
 on the five senses
 human body
 leading it to the path of suicide
 and to a process self combustion of matter
 Reverting back to a stage of status-quo
 Of “nothingness” which was there before
 “The Big Bang”
 With absolute peace of spiriton of universe
 Without giving any scope to Big Bang
 Development goals of third millennium calls for
 Evaluation of goals of last two millenniums
 So that appropriate intellectualism
 Without any discrimination and inequity in use of atom
 And learning the principles of spiriton linked to atom
 Deepening our roots with oneness, friendship, compassion, cooperation
 Love ,caring, sharing, tolerance and value education
 Truth, order and harmony to be inbuilt to goals
 To meet the material needs of all
 With the principle of humanitarianism and biosphereism
 All such elements constitute peace technology concept
 Collectively represent spiriton and atom oncology
 To erase violence from the mind and
 Root out terrorism from the mortal world
 OH humans accept millennium development goals
 As peace with its sources and constituents of technology
 To ensure saga of humanity
 To continue in the biosphere
 Through designing human activities
 both for biosphere and human peace
 for making millennium development goals
 peaceful, sustainable and vibrant
 free of crime, violence and terrorism root.