Peace Quotation::

Peace be to the Earth and to the Air!

Peace be to Heaven,

Peace to the Waters

By this innovation

of peace, may peace

bring peace. 

Seek Peace ,

and pursue it.


He who walks with

peace, walks with Him.

The fundamental truth of the

Manifestations is peace.    

This underlies all religion, all justice.


Peace will be

realised only by

forging bonds of

trust between people 

at the deepest level,

in the depths of their

very lives.

Peace is not the

absence of war, it is

a virtue, a state of

mind, a disposition

for benevolence,

confidence and


Peace is a daily, a

weekly, a monthly 

process, gradually 

changing opinions,

slowly eroding old

barriers , quietly

building new


We shall find peace.

We shall hear angels.

We shall see the sky

sparkling with



’If we do not know peace,

it is because we have forgotten

 that we belong to each other.’’

 You don’t have to travel to some remote mountain

Retreat in order to experience peace.

You don’t have to convince all other people in

Your life to be peaceful in order to experience peace. 

You don’t need to resolve every conflict before you

Can experience a deep and abiding sense of peace. 

You don’t have to solve every problem in your life

          Before you can enjoy being at peace.

To experience peace is every simple and always

                   available to you.  

To experience peace, gently let go of all else and

           allow peace to fill your awareness.

Peace is always there, ready for you whenever you

          Choose to let it be a part of your life.



Choose often ti fill your moments with peace and

The positive power will resonate throughout your Whole life.


Peace requires no special

Preparations or conditions. 

Peace asks only that allow yourself to fully

Know and experience it.


The more your experience peace,

The more you’ll want to express and

 to spread it in all that you do.

Let peace continue to fill you’

and it will soon overflow into the world in which You live. 

Peace is always beautiful