Peace Technology Revolution (PTR) ::

 The PeaceClinic, Oceanside, California-USA a powerful peace organization has staredpeace technology revolution from 2005 so that peace prevail on earth. Peace Technology is a Revolution from the darkness of unconscious to knowledge and illumination, from division to integration, from decadence to harmony, from suffering to love and from bondage to freedom. The basis of the revolution is the

convergence of “science of spirituality” with “science of matter”. Instead of absolute dependence of life on matter, the PTR will ensure dominance of spiritual living, where spirit will sublimate the matter; creating a new order in human civilization. It is an order in which each and every member of human society lives and moves in the light of “spirit”, realizing his integral identity with his fellowmen and with the universe. This will enable an individual/organization to use “science of matter” in a sustainable manner for meeting material needs peacefully and free of any violence.

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