Peace Education (from mother’s womb to tomb)::

Peace education is to be adopted as a continuous process, which begins from mother’s womb (when the baby is ignited with life energy, when the mass of flesh in the womb becomes three weeks of age) and ends up in the graveyard. Peace education is the highest form of education which has been ignored from the appearance of “homo sapiens”1.6 million years ago.

The humanity has started all kinds of education except the most crucial one i.e. “The peace”. This is one of the key reasons of increasing “creative destruction”. It is high time to realize that without “peace education”, no

 education of any kind can sustain itself. Scale of peace education will vary from nursery level to post-graduate and doctorate level.Peace should be included as subject in all kinds of educational course. Peace Technology should be also incorporated in graduate, post-graduate and doctoral level. With more number of students/persons  empowered with peace education, there will be a beginning of the most urgently needed “peace culture”, which will be enriched with increasing number of persons exposed to peace education. It is then only the power of violence will be replaced by peace power creating one peaceful and one human family world. Wars and violence will become things of past .