What Is Peace Technology? ::


 Our understanding about peace is incoherent and incomplete till this point of time of human civilization. Peace is understood only as absence of culture of war and violence. Peace is today accepted as subjective and not objective, which has distorted the perception of peace. As a result opposite of peace –war and violence are characterized by factors like lack of concern for others, ego, anger, jealousy, authoritarian decision making, male-dominance, secrecy, manipulation of information, exploitation and the image of the other as an “enemy”. Peace” has become merely a prevention of violence for a transitory period by using the science of “Matter”. This is the crux of the problem for sustainable peace to elude mankind.

Peace is an object and also an energy which can be acquired at basically five levels - inner, domestic, community, environment & development and global level.Acquisition of objects and energy is only possible by converging techniques, spirituality, intelligence and emotions of “collective mind” which is the essence of “Technology”. Thus in order to acquire peace at all levels, application of principles of “Peace Technology” is essential and extremely urgent now for the human society.

Peace technology attempts to use natural philosophical process through convergence of science of “Matter” with science of “Spirituality”. The components of “Matter” are security, comfort with a sense of enough ness and Happiness. The components of “spirituality” are Truth, Order and Harmony. All these components are the processes which are to be operated within the holistic structure of biospherism and humanitarianism to produce “Sustainable Peace”. Peace is to be an integral part of any sector of human activity and development in the globe for which principles of Peace Technology are to be applied to achieve “sustainable peace through development" and "sustainable development through peace”.